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Nipponoluciola cruciata

Japanese aquatic firefly habits

Nipponoluciola cruciata Motschulsky 1854 (genji-botaru, Genji firefly)

"Firefly "Luciola cruciata" is a popular and historically important insect in Japan. This firefly in biodiversity agricultural landscapes called the satoyama has always attracted exceptional public interest. This aquatic firefly eats "snail"(Semisulcospira libertina) which lives in clean fresh water. "snail" eats a diatom, vegetable waste, etc. The habitation becomes impossible when water pollution is performed. A firefly becomes extinct further. "snail" and "Luciola cruciata" stick to the environment of water, and are the delicate creature for which it depends.

Firefly imago Luciola cruciata imago which emits light

Firefly egg eggs  Firefly Larva larva  Firefly pupa pupa  / photo by Y.furukawa

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